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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mocospace and virus problems in its chatroom and my solution

Seems that Mocospace has a virus that lurks in the chatroom from what I have been reading. Its a nasty virus that not only disables your norton or your mcfee virus protection it will not let you do a system restore unless you know how to get around it.

Ok if your a windows 7 user you will need to login to your user account but you must act quickly before the virus program runs. Click the windows icon at the bottom and type in msconfig

This will take you to the start up boot menu. Click the start tab and disable all. You will then be able to go to your systems tools by going to systems tools and go to restore to previous location. Once you did that you will want to download Malywarebytes which they offer a free tool to download. Run the program to clean the residue left behind by the virus.

Next you will want to run your Norton Antivius or any other antivirus program to make sure it picked up anything that was left behind.

Let me know if this helps or if you have a different solution to your antivirus problem.

Post your comments or suggestions

ATM Fraud Gets Even More Brazen

Monday, November 08, 2010

Protect your IP address from Hackers program.

A friend of mine told me about this software that protects your computer's ip address. Your IP address can allow people to collect what your doing online.

Anyway the program is called peerblock. Its a free program to use so check it out.

Peerblock your IP

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Free antivirus is it really worth it?

My opinion of a free antivirus for those who don't want to spend the money. This is my review.

If your looking for a good free antivirus program then look no further then AVG. AVG antivirus is a good antivirus to do basic surfing on the web. It pretty much catches and protects your computer about 90 percent of the time but what you get is what you pay for right? Free ..

Anyway If your on a budget and need an antivirus program until you get a real one download AVG its a quick way to protect yourself online. Just be sure you add a firewall to your computer if you have a laptop. On my next blog I will talk a little more what firewall is and why you need one for your computer.

Anyway AVG is not paying me to write this but just my experience using the software. It worked good for me in college but I still would recommend getting a good antivirus program which will be a future topic where I will discuss what antivirus program I suggest and what others have to say about anti-virus software.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Stores with Wi Fi can it they be compromised by a hacker?

A few days ago they ran a news bit on how some cafes and stores that have wi fi for customers to use as a public hot spot.

 Lately I have been hearing from friends that credit card theft has been an issue. I had a cousin who had 5000 taken from her account and it wasn't stopped by her bank. She made a credit card purchase at her grocery store and then a few days later it showed up on her card with a negative.

My girl friend's friend said her bank called her that a credit card purchase was made in the UK when she was in her own town.

Anyway my point is for those who have public wi fi and take credit card purchase is to put their credit card line on a separate line from the public wi fi. Sometimes I feel that most of these crimes are not done online but offline when you go to restaurants or gas stations or another place is ATMS.

Shop safe as always.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Renovation Scams to look for.

I read this article on the yahoo news on home renovation scams. Its a good read and provides some tips to look for when doing home renovations and what you look for in a contractor. One tip is never pay a contractor the full amount until the job is complete. Its expected to pay a third for materials but never the full amount until the job is complete.

Anyway here is the yahoo article on Home Renovation tips to avoid scams.

Friday, October 22, 2010

USB tips on preventing viruses from getting to your PC computer

I read this article from PC news and provides a few tips to secure your USB thumb drive from viruses that are out of your control. Have you ever had this happen to you when you have a clean thumb drive and you go to a different computer only for your thumb drive to become infected?

Well read on for a few tips. USB thumb drive tips to prevent your drive from infections

Craigslist this site has become infested with scam artist

When craigslist first came out my friends and I use to use it to buy or trade things online with like minded people who honestly wanted to buy and sell things on craigslist. But lately it seems craigslist has become a scary place for those who post stuff.

A friend of mine posted a weight machine he was selling and sold it like normal. A few days later someone tried to break in his property and the thief  was the person who had purchased the weight machine. Seems these thieves are looking to see what else you got at your place that's up for the taking.Luckily this guy didn't get to take anything.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few things to not do on Facebook tips to protect yourself from scams

If your a Facebook fan like I am it sometimes can be addicting to tell people whats going on your personal life. The reality is that there are those who use facebook to find out things about you without you even knowing.

1) First thing you should never do on facebook even when you have your profile private. Never complain about your job or how bad your boss is. What can happen is lets say I post something on Facebook and on of my friends comments on my posting. Now their friends are able to see your comment even though you have your profile private.

2) Never put your full birthday information especially if your profile is set to public. If a scam artist wanted to they can get your first and last name and then your birth day. They are closer to setting up fraudulent accounts in your name under a different address.

3) Ok here is a simple one to remember. Never use a weak password such as 12345 lol. Use a password with more then 6 characters with at least one capital and one alpha numeric character in your password.

4) Privacy on Facebook. Leaving your account open to so people can see what your like., what you put on your wall and your photos. Make sure you place your profile to private and only allow friends to view your information.

5) A good tip on the facebook privacy page is to set the Facebook privacy to prevent user search. This way it will prevent people from looking you up especially someone you don't want finding you like an ex girl friend or boy friend.

Anyway surf save online as always and stay protected against scams on and offline.

If you got anymore tips or experiences tell me about it and comment.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ATT doing away with unlimited Data Plan

This may be old news to some but new to those who have not heard but ATT is doing away with their unlimited Data plan. If your an Iphone user and stream video this may be bad news for you. So what does this all mean? Now you will be charged only for percentage you use when you go online to check emails, stream videos and so on. Talk about ATT going back to the stone age when internet usage was by the amount of megabites you used on your modem.

Their plans go like this they will charge you per month a flat fee of 30 bucks for example and you get 30 gigs of use. If you go over that you get charged your 30 dollars on top of what you went over. So if your watching funny videos on youtube you may not get such a funny bill at the end of the month which will leave ATT smiling to the bank because of your time online with your Iphone. I do hope Apple will get smart and look at other service providers to support their line of products.

Anyway thats my opinion which is why now I am with a different phone carrier.

Here is more information from Yahoo news on this topic you want to read more about it. So tell me what you think of the pay as you go versus the unlimited plan?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remove Internet Security 2010 - how to uninstall guide

If by chance you went to a website such as mocospace and caught this nasty virus called "internet security 2010" then I have a solution for you. This virus which runs on an infected website which will send you threats that your computer has been compromised.

Here is a simple solution to fix your computer. First download if possible malware bites. If for some reason your not able to download it because of the virus try to do a system restore earlier point before you caught the virus.

It won't fix it right away because some of the residue from the internet security 2010 or internet security 2009 virus stays on your system file.

Go to and type in malwarebites its a good program thats free to use and will remove this virus from your computer. If not your computer will continue to run slow and you will get tons of pop ups.

Hope all works well and safe surfing.

Online Scams - Auctions sites such as EBay

A friend of mine a few years ago bought a movie on Ebay which I feel they have been robbing many of their online retail small business owners by charging them way to much. But enough of me rambling.

Anyway my friend bought a dvd from a ebay seller who actually had a good record as far as sending their products to their clients. But when the dvd never came thats when we realized this guy closed shop and took many of these people's money.

I also read a while back a story where people would charge for lets say a blue ray dvd player for 50 to 75 dollars only to send you nothing but a site where you can get your dvd blue ray player at a discount. Just make sure to read the small print when buying. Sometimes sellers will sell a product that may look like what you think your buying only to buy a knock off of the original so buyer beware.

I guess the moral of this story no matter where you get your products do your research before you hit the buy now button.

415-548-0776 text message I never subscribed to.

Today I received a text message to my cell phone from a number  415-548-0776 which states Thanks 4 Visiting Our Website. Call 877-861-8581 to claim your $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card Voucher Reply STOP 2 Unsub or Call 415-513-5459 2 Unsub Now

Its funny how it makes no reference to what site I visited which I have not visited or provided any of my information relating to my cell phone. Smells like a scam.  I looked online and it seems I'm not the only one receiving these type of messages as well and those who have received it feel the same way.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Internet Fraud how to avoid being scammed

I found this article from the US securities and Exchange commission and found it helpful which they provide some tips on how to avoid being scammed online.

Internet Fraud and how to avoid being scammed

Your office photocopier saves sensitve digital information

I read this interesting article on how office photo copiers can save digital copies of what has been copied within the memory of the machine. Imagine selling that peice of hardware to someone who knows what to look for. The copier can save all types of security sensitive information and can if you think about it a risk.

Read the article on how a copy machine at your work is saving anything your photocopying or much less at your local kinkos.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Groundbreaking' worm points to a state-backed effort, say experts

If your not familiar with Malware this one is a biggy. It called the Stuxnet and according to Computer World this malware or worm for better terms is a nasty one created by some professional hackers. Check out the article to read more about this new threat of malware.

The virus penetrated googles info structure in some aspects.

Article on Malware Stuxnet

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 things not to show on Facebook

If your looking for a job the worst thing to do is have your Facebook open to the world. Now if your a single  looking for love online you still would not want your information floating around online. Companies now look online to see what information they can find on you and if they find something they don't like well you can say thank you to your public profile.

Check out the article it provides some things you don't want people to be looking at when your on your Facebook account.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Engine Seeker - my review on this Search engine optimization product

I was on facebook and once in a while I actually pay attention to the ads on the side. There was an interesting advertisement on increasing your SEO your search engine scores. So I look at the website and I got a read flag as soon as I saw this part premium exposure in 24 hours guaranteed. Any marketer knows traffic is never guaranteed.

Second it does not have a price structure. I did some searching and found mix reviews stating the program cost to much or did not provide the desired results for 1000 dollars.

My advice any company claiming guaranteed traffic is a sign for a red flag.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Facebook dislike button is a scam

The dislike button plugin is the latest online scam on facebook. read more about it.

Reference New York Times Facebook dislikes button is a scam article.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Hide from Friends You Don't Like

Cool article if your a facebook user to hide yourself from friends you don't want seeing your updates.

How Credit cards scam work at the ATM

Click the link on top to view the article of how these crooks steal your credit card information at the ATM.

I had a cousin of mine fall victim to this type of scam which you read about it but until it happens to someone close to you its crazy. She went to her work and swiped her card. She didnt check to see if there was anything suspicious about the card swipe. Apparently someone put a device to collect her data as well as others who were victim of this crime.

Anyway read on how this atm skimming scam works at your atm or at your local gas station.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Skimming and how it works

Found this article that has a diagram on how Skimming scams work. I had a relative who was a victim of this crime. Basically how it works is the scam artist will put a device on an atm or a credit card swipe and when a victim swipes the card their information is sent wirelessly to the scam artist. Any check out the article.

Skimming article on how the scam is done.

Skimming credit card prevention

World Ventures personal Review.

A friend of mine told me about World ventures and told me to come check out what its all about. I asked her what the business program of world ventures is but she told me I had to come see it for myself. So I did and was actually excited about starting the program.

I told my girl friend about it and had her come check out the program as well to see the presentation. The presentation is a little cheesy by telling you how would you like to make so much money ect. And although I can testify that a few friends have made substantial amount of money from the program.

We did the trial version but as we got into the program of World ventures is it pretty much just focuses in teaching the recruitees how to market. Which is cool but I was more interested in learning how to use the product and sell the product because for me if I don't understand it my customers will not as well. So

What exactly is World Ventures. World ventures is a company that provides discounted travel packages, and hotel destinations to your customers. The problem I had with World Ventures was that it didnt have much training on the actual product they are trying to get you to sell to others.

It does work on a multi level marketing system so not only do you sell the product you also recruit others to sell for you as well.

So out of 5 stars I give this business opportunity a 2.5 out of 5. If they provided more training on the Travel product so the seller can feel more confident selling the product if they choose not become recruiters.

The program runs from around 100-400 dollars but prices may have changed since 6 months ago so you may want to check out the prices on it. So in my conclusion its not a scam but if you don't understand what your doing you  may just be throwing money away.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Steps to stop id theft article

Check out this article for tips and tricks to prevent your id and credit cards safe

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jailbreaking your Iphone

If you have an Iphone but hate your service then you may want to unlock your phone to work with a different provider. Jailbreaking is the process of unlocking your phone to work with any network such as ATT, Verizon, Sprint and so on. According to the FCC they have made this practice legal and many of the cell phone companies have been fighting it to prevent the practice.

Of course if you do this to your phone you void your warranty so just be aware if you do this.

Anyway don't take my word for it. Click here to read the article on Jailbreaking your cell phone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A simple way to make a few bucks online

I normally don't promote something unless it actually works. There is a site sort of like blogger which allows one to make money with the advertisements such as you see on this blog. Granted I have not made the 100 dollars to even cash out yet but I'm hopeful with the useful information I post I will get more visitors and that be increasing my google adsense revenue.

Anyway there is this site I have been on for about a year and I have made around 100 dollars and yes you don't have to wait around for you to collect your money.

The site is called squidoo Its a website that allows a user to create a topic and to talk about that topic.

Anyway check it out. Squidoo makes you a little money.

Anyway just to let you know keep at it. It takes a while but once you see the money come in you will be addicted to making more lens.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Google and website posioning

I read and interesting article on google's search tool. This is more of a tip that may help somewhat when you do a search for whatever your looking for.

 It seems when you type in lets say dog training you think you will get safe secure sites on your results but what has happened lately is malicious hackers are using SEO poisoning to secure top search ranking. What does that mean to you? Well when you click the link the site will want you give you a warning stating your computer has been infected which you and i know is not the case.

So try this instead when you go to google. use the https is a more secure way to surf the web. Thanks for reading and surf safely.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dumpster Diving and preventing ID theft.

When you go threw your mail its easy to throw away your bank statements and other information. With all the idenity theft conducted online criminals have an easier way to gain your information without the use of a computer. When everyone is at work criminials will do what is called dumpster diving. This is when a criminal will go into a trash can looking for any personal documents that has personal information such as bank accounts, social security information, any information that may be of value to the criminal. To prevent this get yourself a shredder which will cut your documents into cubes verses the single line shredder. It will take you some time to do but at the end it is worth your finances.

 The last thing you want is when you apply for a house or car unauthorized credit card transaction has happened in your name right? As always stay safe on and off line.

PC Mighty Max 2009 removal

If PC Mighty Max 2009 or any version is on you computer, I have the solution to removing it. Just removed it last night. Go to and down load the software, run it and do a quick scan. Reboot your computer and then go to, find cleanup 4.5.2 download, find cleanup4.5.2 exe click... on options, check standard and run the file. Reboot and the virus is gone. It works. Repost on your home page for all of your friends.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What is social Hacking?

Here is a simple way hackers get into peoples systems. Here is a clip from the movie Hackers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook adding new security measures to their site

One thing I hated about myspace was that spammers began creating accounts sending messages about their products.

Facebook has done in my opinion a pretty good job of keeping spammers or at least reducing the amount of spam on the site.

They have announce that have added more security measures to their site. One of the features is if there are simultaneous logins from your location and lets say a different location from another part of the world it will notify you of the attempted hack. Keep in mind make sure you create password that is not as easy to crack by creating a password with upper and lower case letters with alpa characters. This way it will stop most wanna be hackers from gaining access to your website.

 Anyway here is the article I found. Its good news for facebook users.

New security measures for facebook users.

7 Things you should not do on Facebook

I found an interesting article about what not to do if you have  facebook or even a myspace account.

 I would add on the list never to put your mailing address since if you have a lot of people on your friends list will make it easy for him or her to target your home.

Anyway here is the article. 7 things not to do on facebook

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

McAfee Reimburses for causing computers to shut down.

Found this article on pc news. If your a MCafee user you must read. Apparently the update has caused some computers to be inoperational.

Click to read Mcfee rembuses customers for their pc.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Mocospace wont last?

I know in the past blogs I really didn't give to much detail to why I felt Mocospace would not last as a socialnetworking site like its counterparts myspace, facebook.

Although it does share quite a bit of a following based on looking at how many people subscribe to it.

That being said here are a few problems with the Mocospace social networking form I have.

First if your using the Mocospace on your own computer chances are you will have to lower your volume  on your computer. The advertisement pool they use to draw people to it is very annoying. Second if a user does not want to hear and see these types of advertisements on their computer when they go to the site a user will have to pay to take those type of advertisements off so you will no longer hear them.

Second the annoying pop ups when you go from screen to screen. It seems that the site owners of Mocospace don't screen some of their advertisers and provide spamish type of advertising.

Last but not least I'm sure as you read on my last blog their system for some reason has malware which tries to upload onto your computer called antivirus 2010. Its a nasty one which will run and make itself look as though you caught a virus and you need to upgrade an buy the software. be warned this software's goal is to capture your credit card information and who knows what antivirus will do with your software. if you catch the nasty virus go to malwarebites they got a free download to take off the malware.

Thats just my two cents but I hope they read this blog and change some of their revenue strategies because just put simply people will soon leave.

Also if you have a problem with Mocospace chatroom virus here is a link to get rid of the pesky virus from mocospace

So tell me your thoughts or solutions to getting rid of the virus on your computer

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mocospace socialnetwork review.

After looking at Mocospace, not only does their site carry some type of malware the social network
has the most annoying advertisements compared to its counter parts facebook, myspace.
I doubt this site will last long and will turn people away. If you want to socialize mocospace in my opinion is not a place to be.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video on how to remove anti-virus 2010 malware

Mocospace and viruses problem

Mocospace a social network like myspace and facebook which allows users to add friends, chat and socialize.

I reviewed the site as a prospective socialnetwork for the company I work with only to catch a nasty virus off the site.

The moco site redirects a user to install an antivirus software which is a malware program. Malware is a virus that installs on your hard drive and trys to capture sensitve information.

It took me a while to get the virus off my computer.

How did i do it?

Well first of all the malware will prevent you from going to system restore so you will have to stop the program from running.

Some antivirus softwares will not pick up this nasty malware from Mocospace.

The first step you will need is to click start on your left side bottom click run.
Then on the run option type in msconfig

The Ms config will open up a dialog box which will give you a list of the programs that are running. Click the start tab and uncheck which programs you may think are causing the problem. Eventually once you get the virus uncheck when you reboot it wont run.

Ok now that you got the program from not running you need to clean it. Go back to the msconfig which i mention and at the bottom of the dialog box there is a restore button. If not you can always go to start > program > asserories> system tools>restore system.

This should unstiall the program. Then run your antivirus software to clean up anything that is left over.

Good luck and if you got other suggestions please post them. The mocospace providers need to make sure their site has not been compromised.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do you know who your facebook friends are?

You may want to think again when you let someone onto your profile as your friend on any social media such as facebook myspace ect.

Interesting article on Facebook friends you gotta check out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interesting Article from the New York Post Careful how U use your social networks

As people socialize more and more online you would never think anyone would follow your twitter to ripp you off right? Well here is an interesting article from the new york posts that talks about this issue.

Click here to view why you should not twitter when your away from home.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Your profile on Facebook and Myspace and Twitter what you should know.

If you got any of these social networks you may want to watch what you say or post on your social network profile.

Larry Johnson a while back got fined for tweeting on twitter using an anti gay message which costed him some serious money.

Scam artists, collection agencies also use this avenue to find individuals personal information especially such sites as facebook and myspace.

The rule of thumb here is if you use these social networks for personal use place your profile on private.

You can even set your profile so it will not come out on the search engine from Facebook.  If this doesn't convince you then when applying for that 6 figure salary job cost you because of you placing a silly comment on your facebook or myspace.

Employees look for more information on a canidate so keep your profile private.

So when your on your facebook go to settings on the top hand and then click private settings. On your profile information you can click only for friends to view your information.

Be save on the socialnetworks and tweet responsibly.