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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phishing at your local college or airport

I recently saw a video that was very disturbing about how a hacker was able to use a portable router that fits snug in a coffee cup and allows the hacker to do his bidding. Now the hacker who demonstrated it did not do anything malicious but it drew up some concerns to to what would happen if it was a would be hacker out to get peoples passwords and information

The way the router would work is it would sniff out people who have their computer that is set to pick up any open network. The portable router would then work as a middle man and would send the intended signal to the respective router.

So to do his or her phishing he creates fake landing pages and look something like this:

If you land on a page while connected remotely outside your network your in the process of being phished.

Stay safe and get a good firewall and unset your router to not connect automatically.