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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Online Scams - Auctions sites such as EBay

A friend of mine a few years ago bought a movie on Ebay which I feel they have been robbing many of their online retail small business owners by charging them way to much. But enough of me rambling.

Anyway my friend bought a dvd from a ebay seller who actually had a good record as far as sending their products to their clients. But when the dvd never came thats when we realized this guy closed shop and took many of these people's money.

I also read a while back a story where people would charge for lets say a blue ray dvd player for 50 to 75 dollars only to send you nothing but a site where you can get your dvd blue ray player at a discount. Just make sure to read the small print when buying. Sometimes sellers will sell a product that may look like what you think your buying only to buy a knock off of the original so buyer beware.

I guess the moral of this story no matter where you get your products do your research before you hit the buy now button.

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