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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mocospace and virus problems in its chatroom and my solution

Seems that Mocospace has a virus that lurks in the chatroom from what I have been reading. Its a nasty virus that not only disables your norton or your mcfee virus protection it will not let you do a system restore unless you know how to get around it.

Ok if your a windows 7 user you will need to login to your user account but you must act quickly before the virus program runs. Click the windows icon at the bottom and type in msconfig

This will take you to the start up boot menu. Click the start tab and disable all. You will then be able to go to your systems tools by going to systems tools and go to restore to previous location. Once you did that you will want to download Malywarebytes which they offer a free tool to download. Run the program to clean the residue left behind by the virus.

Next you will want to run your Norton Antivius or any other antivirus program to make sure it picked up anything that was left behind.

Let me know if this helps or if you have a different solution to your antivirus problem.

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