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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few things to not do on Facebook tips to protect yourself from scams

If your a Facebook fan like I am it sometimes can be addicting to tell people whats going on your personal life. The reality is that there are those who use facebook to find out things about you without you even knowing.

1) First thing you should never do on facebook even when you have your profile private. Never complain about your job or how bad your boss is. What can happen is lets say I post something on Facebook and on of my friends comments on my posting. Now their friends are able to see your comment even though you have your profile private.

2) Never put your full birthday information especially if your profile is set to public. If a scam artist wanted to they can get your first and last name and then your birth day. They are closer to setting up fraudulent accounts in your name under a different address.

3) Ok here is a simple one to remember. Never use a weak password such as 12345 lol. Use a password with more then 6 characters with at least one capital and one alpha numeric character in your password.

4) Privacy on Facebook. Leaving your account open to so people can see what your like., what you put on your wall and your photos. Make sure you place your profile to private and only allow friends to view your information.

5) A good tip on the facebook privacy page is to set the Facebook privacy to prevent user search. This way it will prevent people from looking you up especially someone you don't want finding you like an ex girl friend or boy friend.

Anyway surf save online as always and stay protected against scams on and offline.

If you got anymore tips or experiences tell me about it and comment.

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