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Friday, August 13, 2010

World Ventures personal Review.

A friend of mine told me about World ventures and told me to come check out what its all about. I asked her what the business program of world ventures is but she told me I had to come see it for myself. So I did and was actually excited about starting the program.

I told my girl friend about it and had her come check out the program as well to see the presentation. The presentation is a little cheesy by telling you how would you like to make so much money ect. And although I can testify that a few friends have made substantial amount of money from the program.

We did the trial version but as we got into the program of World ventures is it pretty much just focuses in teaching the recruitees how to market. Which is cool but I was more interested in learning how to use the product and sell the product because for me if I don't understand it my customers will not as well. So

What exactly is World Ventures. World ventures is a company that provides discounted travel packages, and hotel destinations to your customers. The problem I had with World Ventures was that it didnt have much training on the actual product they are trying to get you to sell to others.

It does work on a multi level marketing system so not only do you sell the product you also recruit others to sell for you as well.

So out of 5 stars I give this business opportunity a 2.5 out of 5. If they provided more training on the Travel product so the seller can feel more confident selling the product if they choose not become recruiters.

The program runs from around 100-400 dollars but prices may have changed since 6 months ago so you may want to check out the prices on it. So in my conclusion its not a scam but if you don't understand what your doing you  may just be throwing money away.

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