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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fake Scam Security Software

A while back I posted about certain websites that will open in your browser claiming your computer has been infected.

I'm sure you have seen these which is a pop up banner asking you to download the software without letting you exist out of the window.

I found an article on yahoo which talks about the fake security software out there. The article is worth a look.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Most common Online Scam - Online Auctions

Yes buy or beware but the most classic online scam online is your online auction such as what you sometimes find on Ebay.

It pretty much takes place like this, you place your winning bid. You send your money to the auctioneer and you get nothing in return.

Then the auctioneer will threaten to leave a nasty comment on your feedback page explaining that you never paid and so on.

The second example is when the auctioneer sells a replica product at a reduce cost lets say for example your Dooney or Coach purse. After examining your winning you find out your purse is a fake.

Second is not so oblivious are information product that has no value and only sends you to a website where you can purchase this product. These products normally resell products are about 75 percent of the times junk.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Xbox Player's beware of your account

According to a yahoo article I read today apparently Hackers have taken aim at those who have a high score.

What this may tell hackers is that not only are you an avid player but your the type of user who may or may not have a credit card information stored on your game console.

Apparently these types of accounts are being sold on the black market.

Anyway dont take my word for it.

Read on.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cash4Gold whats behind the informerical

If your a late night person like myself. then you may have seen this commercial where a lady sends in her engagement ring to get a certain amount of money for a reasonable amount.

I've never been tempted to do this but I always wondered if you could send it in as a test and see what this company would offer. Well look no further, there was an article written by Christopher Null who is a blogger on yahoo and did the same test as I described.

They did a comparison with a local pawn shop versus the Cash4Gold claim. The pawn shop offered a bit of 198 for the gold vs Cash4Gold's initial offer of 60 dollars. After asking for their gold back they then did a counter claim of 178 which compared to the pawnshop is 25 dollars below the value.

To read more on this little scam click here Cash4gold