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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How not to sell tickets online

I had posted an example a week ago on a ticket sold online and low and behold it had the information all for people to see. Now I understand that the users intention was to validate that the ticket was real but when you buy a ticket via online, you can invalidate that ticket.

What I mean by this is that anyone can use the bar code of the ticket and re-purpose it to resell. What happens is you get a duplicate ticket which is not good if your an honest person trying to get rid of tickets he or she couldn't use.

For an example of what the ticket looked like visit Things you should never buy on facebook.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Things you should never buy from a facebook group.

First and for most, if your going to buy anything from a facebook fleamarket or from craigslist, go to a safe location. Some cities will allow you to go to your local police department to make your transaction.

1) Don't buy tickets from facebook or craigslist groups. The reason I strongly suggest against it is that there really is not a way to check if the tickets were purchased legally or if they are just fakes.

ticket master example
(Another tip, don't place the ticket number online. This will easily be ripped off by having someone print it because the bar code is right there.) I took the user name and bar code of but just to give you of idea how it can easily be taken online.

2) Electronics should not be purchased unless you test the dam thing. What could be worst is going home only to find out the electronic you purchased didnt work.

3) Cell phone. This one is the worst you can buy online. You take a real crap shot if you but one from an online group. Sometimes these are stolen phones which are locked and you end up with a brick for a phone that does not work.