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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mocospace and viruses problem

Mocospace a social network like myspace and facebook which allows users to add friends, chat and socialize.

I reviewed the site as a prospective socialnetwork for the company I work with only to catch a nasty virus off the site.

The moco site redirects a user to install an antivirus software which is a malware program. Malware is a virus that installs on your hard drive and trys to capture sensitve information.

It took me a while to get the virus off my computer.

How did i do it?

Well first of all the malware will prevent you from going to system restore so you will have to stop the program from running.

Some antivirus softwares will not pick up this nasty malware from Mocospace.

The first step you will need is to click start on your left side bottom click run.
Then on the run option type in msconfig

The Ms config will open up a dialog box which will give you a list of the programs that are running. Click the start tab and uncheck which programs you may think are causing the problem. Eventually once you get the virus uncheck when you reboot it wont run.

Ok now that you got the program from not running you need to clean it. Go back to the msconfig which i mention and at the bottom of the dialog box there is a restore button. If not you can always go to start > program > asserories> system tools>restore system.

This should unstiall the program. Then run your antivirus software to clean up anything that is left over.

Good luck and if you got other suggestions please post them. The mocospace providers need to make sure their site has not been compromised.

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