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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Free antivirus is it really worth it?

My opinion of a free antivirus for those who don't want to spend the money. This is my review.

If your looking for a good free antivirus program then look no further then AVG. AVG antivirus is a good antivirus to do basic surfing on the web. It pretty much catches and protects your computer about 90 percent of the time but what you get is what you pay for right? Free ..

Anyway If your on a budget and need an antivirus program until you get a real one download AVG its a quick way to protect yourself online. Just be sure you add a firewall to your computer if you have a laptop. On my next blog I will talk a little more what firewall is and why you need one for your computer.

Anyway AVG is not paying me to write this but just my experience using the software. It worked good for me in college but I still would recommend getting a good antivirus program which will be a future topic where I will discuss what antivirus program I suggest and what others have to say about anti-virus software.

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