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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now targeting my phone number 844-853-6868

Seems we got a new number calling with legal threats. They never say who the party they are trying to contact and state they have a legal summons 844 853 6868

I would just disregard and post as spam . Its been post also on who the who called list. 

Word of advice don't call back. Anyone posting a summons on you will send you a stamp letter from a lawyer not a silly phone call.

Keep in mind for seniors because this may seem pretty scary if they receive a call like this.

The contact is

Priority Legal  claiming they are collecting on a debt.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

18182808460 scam number

New number now this scam number is now coming from North Carolina. Its a lady that refers her self to Stevens which in previous numbers referred herself to someone else.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

(971) 701-2545 new scam number

It seems like another scam using the same lady who states she is an investigator is going to put some legal action. The last message was a lady name stacy grant who is the same person as the message below now is called investigator stevens.

Never says who its for, or who it is directed to. Word of advice don't dial the number. Chances are they will have some type of caller id and when you call it will give that name to the other person who is pulling the scam.  They will then say the users caller id name that they have a lawsuit.

This was the transcription

"This is investigator Stevens with locator Services calling to inform you that there has been a locate and serve action placed on you. Enforcement are scheduled to visit the address on file with there was no contact made the next step will be to help you watch Ross dot your last known place of employment. Now I am required by law to provide you with a point of contact information to answer any questions that you may Health. I need you to do so by pressing one and you will be directed to a case manager." 
... more. Please listen to your voicemail for the remainder of this message.