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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Careful with gift cards

A few months ago a friend of mine had gotten a few gift cards for his birthday. When people think of gift cards you think of them as cash right? This Christmas season look at the back of the card before you purchase one of those shiny gift cards for a friend. As my friend found out one of his cards was losing value every month by 10 percent. Another card if not used within this year would not be valid.

Also if you kept up with this blog make sure you keep your reciept when you buy gift cards. Just remember tell your friends that the reciept is incase their is a problem with the card.

Gift cards are not a bad thing but merchants are banking that you dont use them or forget about them. I remember reading in consumer reports that 40 percent of gift cards go unused. If you think about it is practially giving the merchant free money without having to sell a thing. Now thats a scam lol.

So make sure if you get a gift card to use it because chances are if you hold on for it to long you will lose the value of your gift card