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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chase and TLG just for me scam - trilegiant

I was watching tv yesterday and on my local news about a lady who had not checked her Chase account. I'm assuming it was a Chase credit account because normally you will get third party offers if you opt in when you sign up. According to this lady she was charged around 59.99 for a third party service called TLG just for me which is a company run by trilegiant. According to the lady a misterious charge appeared on her bill but she was not able to determine what the charge was for. She did her research and so she fought back against Trilegiant and Chase. Luckly she got her money back and Chase and Trilegiant. I believe now there has been a class action suit for this type of third party offers.

Anyway it reminded me of an incident I had 2 years ago with ticket masters. My girl friend wanted to purchase tickets through ticket master so I went ahead and purchased them for her.
To make this short a monthly bill of 20 dollars were withdrawn from my account which I later found out it was a third party company billing me for coupons which I was never aware of.

The moral of this story is make sure you keep track of your credit card statements and your bank account statements as well. The last thing you want is a third party company billing you for a service you dont need. If you want coupons get the news paper or go online its free.

Anyway not to bash Chase but they need to be more careful how they solicit third party offers to their customers. The same goes for Ticketmasters when they offer promotionals.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet Explorer Browser article on security alert

According to an article that has been written by a yahoo editor, there is a security flaw within the IE browser. The browser allows a hacker to place code in a website which would infect your computer and allow the hacker to access any passwords you may type in. The hacker can do this with the security flaw within Internet Explorer.

The way this works is a program called a key logger will log any keys you type in when your using the Internet Explorer browser. Even more reason to switch to an alternative browser such as Chrome by google, Mozilla Fire Fox or Opera by Mac. My simple advice is to download a new browser.

Anyway dont take my word for it read the article here. Or google IE explorer security alert

More reason to switch to an alternative browser alert.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IE Defender pop up

This weekend I was a victim of the IE defender virus or spyware. If you googled it im sure your
here because your anti-virus did not pick it up as a virus.

I did find a solution to this meniceing pop up. I normally don't use Microsoft internet explorer but I had to use MS Explorer for an account I have on a particular site.

My solution was to restore my computer to an earlier time.

Its not a techy way to fix it but it gets the job done and it gets rid of the file.

I tried other methods but this seemed like the best way to go.

To get to the restore feature on Microsoft XP
accessories>system tools >system restore