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Monday, November 01, 2010

Stores with Wi Fi can it they be compromised by a hacker?

A few days ago they ran a news bit on how some cafes and stores that have wi fi for customers to use as a public hot spot.

 Lately I have been hearing from friends that credit card theft has been an issue. I had a cousin who had 5000 taken from her account and it wasn't stopped by her bank. She made a credit card purchase at her grocery store and then a few days later it showed up on her card with a negative.

My girl friend's friend said her bank called her that a credit card purchase was made in the UK when she was in her own town.

Anyway my point is for those who have public wi fi and take credit card purchase is to put their credit card line on a separate line from the public wi fi. Sometimes I feel that most of these crimes are not done online but offline when you go to restaurants or gas stations or another place is ATMS.

Shop safe as always.

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