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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conflicker Virus Alert

According to my local news the conflicker virus is suppose to set off tomorrow on April 1 " April Fools.

The virus is a program the downloads any passwords you have on your computer and sends them to a database and used for other means.

They provided a link to the Home Land Security for updates on how to update your computer.

I also found an article on yahoo that explains what the virus does and means to scan your system.

Norton Scanner Removal program
This link provides instructions on how to remove the worm if your computer is infected.

If you havent downloaded a firewall because you dont have the money then you may want to go to google and do a search for zone alarm. They offer a free fire wall. If you need a free antivirus google as well avg. Comodo is another good firewall which is also free.

My best advice is instead of googling these softwares go to and do a search for these software programs. This will save you the headache of downloading the wrong program.

Good Luck and be safe

Monday, March 16, 2009

HSBC lowering credit limits.

It seems that HSBC and American Express are trying to reduce their credit liability with customers who use their credit cards.

If you have one of these cards you may want to look and see if they reduced your limit because it may cause you to over draft. If I see a scam this one is a big one.

So lets say you have a credit limit of 1000 and you have about 900 dollars charge to that account.

What these companies are doing without notice is reducing your credit limit without any notification. I had a friend of mine tell me that his HSBC credit card had been reduced and over drafted.

Amercian Express on the other hand is trying to close out accounts with large balances which is bad for the consumer. If your account gets closed it will reduce your credit score.

Anyway hope something is done about these cut backs.