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Friday, July 23, 2010

A simple way to make a few bucks online

I normally don't promote something unless it actually works. There is a site sort of like blogger which allows one to make money with the advertisements such as you see on this blog. Granted I have not made the 100 dollars to even cash out yet but I'm hopeful with the useful information I post I will get more visitors and that be increasing my google adsense revenue.

Anyway there is this site I have been on for about a year and I have made around 100 dollars and yes you don't have to wait around for you to collect your money.

The site is called squidoo Its a website that allows a user to create a topic and to talk about that topic.

Anyway check it out. Squidoo makes you a little money.

Anyway just to let you know keep at it. It takes a while but once you see the money come in you will be addicted to making more lens.

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