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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Checks in the mail scam

Recently I have noticed that I had been reciving mail.( you know the mail that comes in the mail box) stating that the check is written out to me. If you get one of these offers look at the back of the check. The check will tell you that after a month or so a fee will be taken from your account for cashing the check.

Most people dont fall for these type of checks but elderly have become victims of these checks sent to their homes.

So becareful with check cashing scams.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Watch your credit card when you go to the store

Two days ago a lady paid with her atm card for a pizza. The cashier handed her a card that looked identical to the card she had. Two days later she looks online at her bank account to see charges made with her card.

So what happened? The cashier switched the card with an identical card. The lady paying didnt look to see if the card she had was hers.

Word to the wise? Pay attention when you get your card back.

The latest on gift card scams

Thinking of giving your love one a gift card? Think again. Lately scammers have been writing down the code(on the back of the cards) of the deactivated gift cards that you see at local walmarts or at stores. What the scammer does is go online and use the code to purchase items. They will keep punching in the code until they are able to buy something.

By that time when the card has been given he or she may not automatically go to walmart or the store they purchased while the theaves are online using the codes to buy products.

So how to protect yourself? Look at the back of the card and make sure that the scratch off is not erased.

Next alternative is giving them money so have a safe Christmas and happy shopping