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Monday, August 17, 2009

Wardriving or sniffing wireless networks

A few years back my mom had purchased her first laptop and activated her wireless connection with a click of a button. What she didn’t know at the time was that she had accessed someone in our neighborhood to their internet access.

She accessed this person's network by accident thinking she was connecting to her wireless router which was not the case. When I viewed her settings I realized that her wireless was pointing to a neighbors router who's access was open to the public. I'm sure whoever set this router was not aware of setting password protection.

Anyway I bring this term called war driving because it is something that people have done to steal your wireless bandwidth if you happen to notice your high speed slowing down.

Some steps to secure your wireless router is to first change the password on the router factory password. This is important to change this because anyone who can see what type of router you are using is able to access your router with the common manufacturer's password.

Make sure you use a k sensitive password. Second make sure your router is able to block the SSID which is what tells other computers how to access your computer. Most good routers will have that in the wizard program in installation.

So when looking for a good router make sure its got good security features to deter the wannabe hackers from accessing not only your bandwidth but also your files.