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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remove Internet Security 2010 - how to uninstall guide

If by chance you went to a website such as mocospace and caught this nasty virus called "internet security 2010" then I have a solution for you. This virus which runs on an infected website which will send you threats that your computer has been compromised.

Here is a simple solution to fix your computer. First download if possible malware bites. If for some reason your not able to download it because of the virus try to do a system restore earlier point before you caught the virus.

It won't fix it right away because some of the residue from the internet security 2010 or internet security 2009 virus stays on your system file.

Go to and type in malwarebites its a good program thats free to use and will remove this virus from your computer. If not your computer will continue to run slow and you will get tons of pop ups.

Hope all works well and safe surfing.

Online Scams - Auctions sites such as EBay

A friend of mine a few years ago bought a movie on Ebay which I feel they have been robbing many of their online retail small business owners by charging them way to much. But enough of me rambling.

Anyway my friend bought a dvd from a ebay seller who actually had a good record as far as sending their products to their clients. But when the dvd never came thats when we realized this guy closed shop and took many of these people's money.

I also read a while back a story where people would charge for lets say a blue ray dvd player for 50 to 75 dollars only to send you nothing but a site where you can get your dvd blue ray player at a discount. Just make sure to read the small print when buying. Sometimes sellers will sell a product that may look like what you think your buying only to buy a knock off of the original so buyer beware.

I guess the moral of this story no matter where you get your products do your research before you hit the buy now button.

415-548-0776 text message I never subscribed to.

Today I received a text message to my cell phone from a number  415-548-0776 which states Thanks 4 Visiting Our Website. Call 877-861-8581 to claim your $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card Voucher Reply STOP 2 Unsub or Call 415-513-5459 2 Unsub Now

Its funny how it makes no reference to what site I visited which I have not visited or provided any of my information relating to my cell phone. Smells like a scam.  I looked online and it seems I'm not the only one receiving these type of messages as well and those who have received it feel the same way.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Internet Fraud how to avoid being scammed

I found this article from the US securities and Exchange commission and found it helpful which they provide some tips on how to avoid being scammed online.

Internet Fraud and how to avoid being scammed

Your office photocopier saves sensitve digital information

I read this interesting article on how office photo copiers can save digital copies of what has been copied within the memory of the machine. Imagine selling that peice of hardware to someone who knows what to look for. The copier can save all types of security sensitive information and can if you think about it a risk.

Read the article on how a copy machine at your work is saving anything your photocopying or much less at your local kinkos.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Groundbreaking' worm points to a state-backed effort, say experts

If your not familiar with Malware this one is a biggy. It called the Stuxnet and according to Computer World this malware or worm for better terms is a nasty one created by some professional hackers. Check out the article to read more about this new threat of malware.

The virus penetrated googles info structure in some aspects.

Article on Malware Stuxnet

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 things not to show on Facebook

If your looking for a job the worst thing to do is have your Facebook open to the world. Now if your a single  looking for love online you still would not want your information floating around online. Companies now look online to see what information they can find on you and if they find something they don't like well you can say thank you to your public profile.

Check out the article it provides some things you don't want people to be looking at when your on your Facebook account.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Engine Seeker - my review on this Search engine optimization product

I was on facebook and once in a while I actually pay attention to the ads on the side. There was an interesting advertisement on increasing your SEO your search engine scores. So I look at the website and I got a read flag as soon as I saw this part premium exposure in 24 hours guaranteed. Any marketer knows traffic is never guaranteed.

Second it does not have a price structure. I did some searching and found mix reviews stating the program cost to much or did not provide the desired results for 1000 dollars.

My advice any company claiming guaranteed traffic is a sign for a red flag.