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Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Mocospace wont last?

I know in the past blogs I really didn't give to much detail to why I felt Mocospace would not last as a socialnetworking site like its counterparts myspace, facebook.

Although it does share quite a bit of a following based on looking at how many people subscribe to it.

That being said here are a few problems with the Mocospace social networking form I have.

First if your using the Mocospace on your own computer chances are you will have to lower your volume  on your computer. The advertisement pool they use to draw people to it is very annoying. Second if a user does not want to hear and see these types of advertisements on their computer when they go to the site a user will have to pay to take those type of advertisements off so you will no longer hear them.

Second the annoying pop ups when you go from screen to screen. It seems that the site owners of Mocospace don't screen some of their advertisers and provide spamish type of advertising.

Last but not least I'm sure as you read on my last blog their system for some reason has malware which tries to upload onto your computer called antivirus 2010. Its a nasty one which will run and make itself look as though you caught a virus and you need to upgrade an buy the software. be warned this software's goal is to capture your credit card information and who knows what antivirus will do with your software. if you catch the nasty virus go to malwarebites they got a free download to take off the malware.

Thats just my two cents but I hope they read this blog and change some of their revenue strategies because just put simply people will soon leave.

Also if you have a problem with Mocospace chatroom virus here is a link to get rid of the pesky virus from mocospace

So tell me your thoughts or solutions to getting rid of the virus on your computer

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