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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

How to remove AVG from your computer.

A while back I ran out of my antivirus subscription and I downloaded avg in the meantime while I got sometime to research a better one.

I finally got around to one and decided to remove avg. The problem I faced is that the program froze and was never able to complete the uninstall process for avg.

Here is how to remove avg if you need it off your computer.

You will need to go to the avg website and look for avg utility. Program works like a dream and cleared the software from my computer with no problems.

The link is below to remove the avg antivirus software.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Craigslist check in the mail scam( how it works)

Craigslist a good place to sell products but with any selling free platform it can come with a price if you don't protect yourself when you sell your items.

When you meet someone on craiglist to sell a product make sure to keep these things in mind.

First make sure your listing is clear that you want cash up front. The reason you want to take cash and nothing else is that checks can easily look and feel like they have the cash to back what you are about to sell.

I have seen this with a friend of mine who sold cakes online and when she cashed the check it bounced. She was lucky enough to file a claim on the check to get that money back. It took my friend about 2 months to get her money from the courts.

So if your selling a service do this instead.

A clear read flag is when a potential customer will contact you and say they are out of town or out of the country and they will send you a check to cover the cost of the item you are selling.

Here is where it gets sketchy is where the check will be for more then what the item is worth and will say something like.

" For your inconvenience I would like to send you an additional 100 dollars. If you can wire me money 50 dollars to cover my cost for the transaction" or something like this. Most scams have this in there somewhere.

What happens is you wire the money. The check bounces and you end up paying for the fraud. It can even be bad if the bank does not get their money back from if you if you spent it.

My last tip when for craigslisters is never bring the potential customer into your house to see the item. This is an easy way for a potential robber to case your place to see what items you have to steal.

Be safe and sell sell sell. :-)