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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dumpster Diving and preventing ID theft.

When you go threw your mail its easy to throw away your bank statements and other information. With all the idenity theft conducted online criminals have an easier way to gain your information without the use of a computer. When everyone is at work criminials will do what is called dumpster diving. This is when a criminal will go into a trash can looking for any personal documents that has personal information such as bank accounts, social security information, any information that may be of value to the criminal. To prevent this get yourself a shredder which will cut your documents into cubes verses the single line shredder. It will take you some time to do but at the end it is worth your finances.

 The last thing you want is when you apply for a house or car unauthorized credit card transaction has happened in your name right? As always stay safe on and off line.

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