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Monday, October 18, 2010

ATT doing away with unlimited Data Plan

This may be old news to some but new to those who have not heard but ATT is doing away with their unlimited Data plan. If your an Iphone user and stream video this may be bad news for you. So what does this all mean? Now you will be charged only for percentage you use when you go online to check emails, stream videos and so on. Talk about ATT going back to the stone age when internet usage was by the amount of megabites you used on your modem.

Their plans go like this they will charge you per month a flat fee of 30 bucks for example and you get 30 gigs of use. If you go over that you get charged your 30 dollars on top of what you went over. So if your watching funny videos on youtube you may not get such a funny bill at the end of the month which will leave ATT smiling to the bank because of your time online with your Iphone. I do hope Apple will get smart and look at other service providers to support their line of products.

Anyway thats my opinion which is why now I am with a different phone carrier.

Here is more information from Yahoo news on this topic you want to read more about it. So tell me what you think of the pay as you go versus the unlimited plan?

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