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Friday, January 29, 2010

Your profile on Facebook and Myspace and Twitter what you should know.

If you got any of these social networks you may want to watch what you say or post on your social network profile.

Larry Johnson a while back got fined for tweeting on twitter using an anti gay message which costed him some serious money.

Scam artists, collection agencies also use this avenue to find individuals personal information especially such sites as facebook and myspace.

The rule of thumb here is if you use these social networks for personal use place your profile on private.

You can even set your profile so it will not come out on the search engine from Facebook.  If this doesn't convince you then when applying for that 6 figure salary job cost you because of you placing a silly comment on your facebook or myspace.

Employees look for more information on a canidate so keep your profile private.

So when your on your facebook go to settings on the top hand and then click private settings. On your profile information you can click only for friends to view your information.

Be save on the socialnetworks and tweet responsibly.