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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chase ATM system not worth using

A few days ago my wife wanted to deposit some money into my Chase account at the ATM.

Chase bank has a new atm system where once you type in your pin you can then deposit

your cash by sliding the money into the machine. Seemed simple enough right? First time using

the system by the way. Well she told me the system asked her if she wanted a receipt and

luckily she did for my records. The next day I checked my account but the cash had not been

posted. I figured this was a little strange since what was deposited was cash so most if not all

banks post it right away or at least tell you on your online banking that the deposit is pending.

So I called Chase bank to inquire about the ATM deposit and can you believe they had no record

of a deposit in my account? Luckily we had the receipt that tells the Chase Claims the routing

number. Still they could not trace the deposit even with the receipt! Well after my bitching to

them I finally got my deposit within 15 mins after they "did further investigation'. What a load of

crap. It would of really sucked if I had not had the deposit slip. i would of been out 100 bucks.

Oh well lesson learned. Deposit in person and never use their ATM system to deposit. So much

for convenience.