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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Onlines stores

Looking for a product that you can't find anywhere locally? When you google an online store here a few things to look for when making a decision to make a purchase from a new online store vendor.

1) Does the company have an address or a phone number to contact the company?

2) Do they have a return policy if the product is defected?

3) Find out what their privacy poilcy is? Some stores, forums ect. may sell their names and address to other vendors who are looking to get prospects. So make sure your information is not sold. Most online stores, companies should have a prvacy statement.

4) Find out what type of payment options they offer. I prefer using my paypal account to secure my transaction. It also allows you to know that this company has done business online.

5) If it is your first time purchasing from a new vendor dont make a purchase that will break your wallet. The last thing you want is to buy something from an online store and the store doesnt deliver? You guessed it. I normally will purchase something small and see how their services is before making a bigger purchase.

6) Ask friends if they have purchased from online stores and which ones. This will give you a preview of what their services are.

7) Look on ebay if your reluctant to purchase products from a vender online. Why you would purchase from someone online on ebay? They have a feedback history that you can look into to see what their customer service is like.

8) If you purchase from ebay look at the shipping cost. Just because the item says 1.00 sometimes merchants at 14 dollars to make a small profit. But if it is still a good deal by all means bit or buy now.

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