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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ebay Phishing

Got ebay? Chances are someone else wants to have your account. Phishing is the latest scam that has hit the internet and plans to stay around. If your are not familiar with phishing it is an attempt to send an email posing as an official ebay email asking you to update your information.

What does email does is when a user clicks the url that is provided by the scam it will redirect the user to a site that looks like an ebay store front only to collect data from that site.


If you ever get an email for updates for your ebay account, close the browser window and reopen another browser window. Type in the ebay's url which is and then login.
Ebay will give you their updates in your account. Another sign that the email is not from ebay is that they sometimes refer you to as dear member or dear sir.

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