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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Direct Matches

If your on myspace you probably have seen the many post from people who spam the forums with Direct Matches. Although this blog is not to say that Direct Matches doesnt work but I would like to give you a little insite on how it works.

What Direct Matches representatives do is get you to sign up as a member. The trial membership is free but once the membership is up then there is a charge to continue using the service. Direct Matches is basically a myspace website with a charge.

My ownly problem with this type of business is that the represenatives really spam online forums trying to get prospects aboard in a muli-level marketing plan.

I feel that the site does not offer much other then what you can get free from other social networking sites. If you want an opportunity to make money Direct Matches is not the ticket.
Save your money for something that does work.


FlowerChild said...

Your statement on Direct Matches is incorrect. Direct Matches is totally free unless you choose to upgrade to more services. I have been with them for 3 years and never been hassled.

TexasBlogger said...

From what I remember when I tried the site in 2006 in order to use any of the services you had to pay. My comparison would be to a dating site. You can sign up to view but yo have to upgrade to participate. The only gainers from Direct matches are the recruiters. Its not a sound business plan. This is just my opinion.

interimjustia said...

I started at direct matches and all i know so far is that my mail box is flodded everyday with people asking me to be a contact I think there are alot of scammers on it but the site itself is free i just wish they would sort out the site better its hard on tho navigate.Plus how did you get found in a search this is the first blogger site that i found in the top 10 search results

TexasBlogger said...

Hi Interimjestia

Thank you for your comment. And thank you for the feedback on Direct Matches. I agree with you, when I signed up for direct matches I got flooded as well with people trying to get me to sign up for their business opportunity.

The problem with these types of opportunities is that the business model doesn't have a sound plan meaning there is no clear explaination of what the business is.

Anyway I know I went off on Direct Matches but just my opinion its a waste of time.

That being said the reason my blog my be in the top ten is my blog has been around since 2006. I try to post at least twice a month on topics I find online and then elaborate on them with my personal experience. Looking at your blog it seems that you need more posts. Just remember to keep your blog relevent to what your blog is intended to provide to your online audience.

Anyway good luck and hope that helps.

lawofattraction said...

Direct Matches is an awesome source for leads as a network marketer. Establishing good business relationships by helping other members is a better approach then being sales oriented in the first email. I make sales all the time just by starting off offering people Free marketing tools etc.. Yes, ultimately, I would like every networker on the site to join my business. However, by helping people, I will get people contacting me to join my team. You also can earn by referring other members to the site. Their is almost a million people on Direct Matches. Any network marketer would love to have that downline. Every 10 minutes someone new is starting a home base business to inviting people to check out Direct Matches is easy. I haven't seen anyone fail that has been working the business for a long period of time. The key is working the business, putting in the time. Nothing works on autopilot, I meet people everyday that think they can do little to no work and build a huge downline. Dave