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Thursday, August 24, 2006

E-books scams

I've long looked at these online books that promise the so called secrets but beware. I you could say was a sucker for these online books promising the world and purchased I did. Did I recieve the ebook? Yes I did, but the information was very basic and only offer me to purchase more ebooks from the same publisher.

Unlike your barnes and nobles or your half price book store, you are not able to view some of the content that is provide in these books. If you plan to purchase some of these ebooks make sure that the website has free articles and then make your best assessment weather or not the information in these books could be useful.

Some tips when deciding:

1) Look for what are called white papers. White papers are free articles offered by the author.
2) Try not get into the promises of riches over night.
3) Work from home opportunities are only good if they do not have a charge to them. So beware if you have to pay to work. Isnt that really the point of getting a job? For you to earn money then to give it away?
4) When subscribing to these online free news letters I would suggest having an alternative address. Even though most of these sites should abide by the spam laws, you may get 1 that will slip to the cracks so dont use your primary account.

5) Do a search on the author and see what others have said about his or her writings on the topic.

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