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Monday, November 02, 2009

Craigslist motor car scam

Craigslist buy or beware especially when it comes to car purchases. I saw this story on my local news of this woman who found a car online on craigslist where the car was located in another state.

The car was a lexus and the selling price for this car was 6000 dollars with low miles.
The owner of the car told her he needed to close the deal so he can move this car as soon as possible. He assured her the title on the car was clean and all she needed to do is pay with a wire gram and she can pick up the car. The last part is if a deal looks to good to be true it probably is too good to be true.

The owner of the car sent her to a fake ebay motors website where she wired the money to Veronica Martinez.

To make a long story short she never got the car and the online scam artist made off with her money.

What made this transaction fishy in the first place is that the car was in another state. This is the first clue. The second clue is how the money was transfered. Anytime you deal with an ebay auction you want to make sure you pay with something more secure.

The moral of this story if your going to buy a car, buy local unless your willing to go and pay directly with that person. Never wire money since almost 75 percent of the time these are online scams.

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