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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Scam prevention tip

A few more days before black Friday and you know everyone has some sort of plan on what to buy.

Lets talk about gift cards. You know the plastic card that has magic money you can used for that particular store. Word on the cyberstreet is when you used one of these cards at an automatic cash machine, some dishonest cash tellers are pocketing some of your earnings.

If your asking how do they do this. Follow me on this. Lets pick on Home Depot as an example.

Lets say you just bought yourself a cool looking hammer for 20 dollars and your gift card has a total of
50 dollars. So doing the math after taxes you have around 28 dollars left. So you go to this automated line
where you swipe your the hammer on the scanner. Click the method of payment and go through the ritual of
buying your product on this automachine. So now you finish and you get your reciept job complete right?

Did you really cover your corners? Well what a teller can do from his computer is override the transaction and get cashback. So the 28 dollars you though were sitting safely to be used for another day is no longer there.

So my holiday tip is save your reciepts after you pay for an item with a gift card. The last thing you need is to have an empty plastic card you can't use because some greedy teller decided to reward themselves with your money.

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