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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

12 Scams of Christmas

If your a yahoo user then you may have seen this article called the 12 Scams of Christmas list.  If you haven't then you may want to check it out. Its an easy read and its the common and not so common online scams.

Now you know that Black Friday is just around the corner so here is a little holiday tip before you set off on your road trip if you happen to be traveling.

A friend of mine told me when she used her credit card to pay for her gas it went through all the proceedures but she did not wait until the screen cleared.  You may asked did she recieve a reciept? Yes she did so you think the transaction on her hard has ended right? With most gas pumps this is the norm but with Shell Gas stations its not so. So a rule of thumb is to wait until the beginning screen comes up again before leaving. This way if someone pulls up behind you they won't get free gas at your expense.

Stay tune for tomorrows Black Friday Scam prevention tip.

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