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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mylot Review

If you have heard of mylot then your not alone. About two years ago I heard about this site from a friend of mine and told me to check it out. The site is like a yahoo answers forum where people share ideas or ask questions and people give their advice or opinion.

Unlike yahoo answers the site pays you for participating in online discussions or referring people to the site. So I tried the site out and woo hoo I made about 12 dollars. It didnt come easy. I posted like crazy so if you did your math correctly it was more or less around .01 per hour or so lol. Anyway I continued to use the site but the payouts were very very small.

Is the site a scam? Not hardly but if you plan to make a living off the site you may want to try other forms of online money making like writing articles or creating custom graphics or something like that if you do want to make money online.

The moral of this review is if you think a site such as mylot or squidoo will make you a confortable living. You may want to think again.

Tomorrow I will talk about squidoo so if your wondering what squidoo is google it and check it out for yourself.

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