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Monday, September 29, 2008

Careerbuilder becoming spamish phishers

Today I received an email from Careerbuilder(at one time a reputable source for decent jobs) It seems like Careerbuilder does not screen companies that want to hire people for real jobs. This is an exert of what I recieved in my email.

This is what I got in my email. It goes longer but I cut it for blog reasons. Seems like scammers are trying a new way to sucker people to accept money.

The letter starts of Dear Madam or sir

Then the letter goes on talking about how they have a company in Switterland and how they need someone to take a certain amount of money and in return you get a portion of the transfer.

These type of money making schemes are used to prevent themselves for being caught and put the blame on someone else.

Anyway if you get this from Careerbuilder just hit the delete key. I wish careerbuilder would monitor such activity.

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