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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Craigslist Spammers beware

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. Lately I have inquired about a few items I wanted to buy from craigslist but instead i got a message telling me oops sorry we ran out but you can check out so and so.

It seems that craigslist has become a play ground for spam artist to solicit their websites.

Then a few days later I get more messages from the same email address with more offers.

Lesson learned. I still love craigslist but now I play it smarter. I had to create another account just for my inquires. Hopefully it will stop.

Most of these spam like messages will never address what side of town they are located. So if the location looks similar or the message has many typo's. chances are spammers are using bot programs to create these emails.

Also help the craigslist community by clicking on the spam option if you feel that the email is not a real message by a person. This helps everyone and eventually stops some of the spam like messages that appear on there.

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