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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

OK Cupid Scam and how to prevent yourself from becoming a target

You know sometimes you wish you could make these up but you can't . Single users beware of the online threat by would be scammers. 

The Scam:

As with anything a scammer will post pictures of what looks like a person you think you are talking to. Many of these pictures can easily be lifted by via facebook since from profiles. 

Essentially once the scammer has enough photographs of what looks like to be a real person the conversation begins. Normally this scam is targeted to men since lets face it guys we then to be the horny ball type. 

The conversation will go offline with the user only to get into some steamy conversations.  The scammer will then ask for a nude picture of the user. This is where it can get ugly, the user sends the picture to the scammer. Then a few mins later the scammer will then tell the user that they have uploaded a private message and have tagged all his residence and will send the file to all of them unless they get payment. 

They then send a place where to wire the money and its normally a money gram. 

What to do if it happens
So what to do if this happens? Well for one you can call the bluff by not answering the message. Last thing you want to do is piss off the user on the other end. Report it.  Next let those who will be sent the file to delete the message and I hate to say own up to it. 

Block the user if your on skype or messaging platform. Temporary go offline if you can on facebook.

Report user to authorities if possible.

What to do to prevent this from happening?

First you will want to start off with your facebook account. Make sure all your privacy settings are set. The mistake that was done above is that his facebook friends list was open so the scammer was able to view all of his contacts.  This is why I really don't like linkin because of that reason.  The good news is that facebook has an option to restrict who can view your friends list but for me I set it only to myself so that no one can see who I am friends with. 

Second thing is not to send pictures of your Wenner , I mean really who is to say that the person you are cyber sexing with is who they say they are. 

Rule of thumb when online dating, try to get the conversation from texting to the phone where you can hear that persons voice and take that next step and meeting. Meet in a public place. 

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