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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Careful who you let follow you on twitter account

Recently I set up a twitter account as a test and soon found that if you leave your account open, individuals can follow your tweets. No big deal right?

I then notice my followers on my twitter account increase and you could say hey im pretty popular right?

As I looked at my list I noticed these followers were bots who have latched onto my twitter account since it was not set to private.

So I looked at deleted these bots off my twitter account only to find that deleting these bots is not as easy.

The Solution:

Set your account to private allows you to take people off your account. Which is what I did with the bots who have subscribed to follow. I did notice that some of these bots posed as a local twitter from my area sending tweets that look like real news from my region. Luckily my virus protection blocked the website from infecting my computer.

So simply put if you want these fake twitter users off your account, set your account to private. Then go to your follower list, click remove user, and thats it. Then set your profile back to public.

I wish twitter would allow a twitter user to do this even with an open follow account. Oh well I guess its better then nothing.

Until the next blog.

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johnnie82 said...

Thanks for the tip