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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Setting up your firewall on your MS XP computer

I had a friend of mine come over to ask what a firewall is and why would you need one if you have an antivirus. This is a good question especially if your surfing the net and most antivirus programs provide a limited amount of protection on your computer.

What an antivirus program does not do is protect your computer from a would be hacker to log into your IP address and search your files on your computer. Luckly I don't store any valuable information like this on my computer so no harm right?

By the way an IP address is what is like a street address to allow the service provider access to the world wide web. With a firewall you can set it so that anyone trying to dial into your IP address will not be able to peer at any files you have on your computer.

If your running low on money and your thinking to yourself this maybe something I need. Not to fear if your operating system is XP. I'm not sure on the newer version but here are some instructions from Microsoft XP

1) Click the start button at the bottom right.
2) Click on the settings tab and then click control panel.
3) Once you get the Control panel menu up on the bottom right of the menu you will see an icon that looks like a brickwall.(that has firewall labeled) Click the icon
4) It will then open up the firewall menu and click recommended to activate it.

Thats pretty much it. If your more of a visual person you can click this video link on how to set up your XP firewall

But.. if you don't have XP or for some reason your operating system did not come with a firewall never fear.

You can download the free zone alarm firewall program onto your computer. Click on this link for to find out more information on the firewall download. I linked the page so you don't have to dig through the site to find the free download.

Thanks for visiting my firewall posting for today.

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