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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hallmark phishing scam

I got an interesting email today. From time to time I check my spam box because as you know sometimes good messages get flagged as spam. This past weekend I had my a birthday. Yes I know i'm getting old! lol but anyway I almost click the message when I noticed something that seem rather odd.

If you ever notice when you hover your mouse in windows explorer over a link you will notice that on the bottom left hand of your browser it will tell you what link it points to. I believe it was pointing to a url that had an exe extention.

EXE is a executable program which I'm sure would of really made my computer go up and under. So anyway the moral of this story is if you think there is a message that has a link that may be a real one. Hover your mouse over the link. If the link does not correspond with the company that sent it, simply put its a fake site trying to phish your computer.

In this case the site pointed to a site called or something like that.

Be safe surfing the internet jungle.

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