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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Looking for a job

This is the second installment of looking for a real job. The real way. Most states will have a designated organization that offers a way to find a job. For example in Texas there is an organization funded by the government called the Texas Work Force and you can find jobs on a site called work in texas
here is the direct link.

What is nice about about the Government website is that employers will contact you if they find someone with your talents. Careerbuilder and websites offer this option as well but hasn't really policed their employers who go out and seek talent.

In these hard time with the economy research the company you plan to apply for first. Don't be easily fooled with affiliate recruiters trying to get you to join and then ask you to pay something so you can make even more money.

Remember the point of a job is so an employer pays you and never the other way around.

So watch for the job scams and stick with the Work force agencies.

If the jobs seems to good to be true. Do your research first when looking for that job. Look up the company. Ask how long have they been in business. The last thing you want is to work for a company that has not been around to long.

Good luck in your quest for the perfect job.

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