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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Applying for a job scam

A week ago I decided that it was time to move onto another job. Mostly due to the fact that raises at my current employment were very minimum if any.

So I decided to revise my application I had from a few years back that I posted on careerbuilder. When careerbuilder first came out it was easy to find a decent job without having to worry about so called employers out to make a fast buck on you.

So today I checked my email and I got two emails from insurance companies that are located here. One called combined insurance which is an insurance agency that recruits agents to sell insurance policy. Apparently they weren't reading my resume but I have no interest in sales much to say sell insurance policies.

Then I get another email from UGA Association Field Services same story.

Anyway my point is do a search online and find out more about the company before you call. A lot of times they will just send you an automatic canned email just to get new agents into selling cheap insurance with 1 or 2 dollar comissions.

Anyway it may not be really a scam but they really need to target the right employee then a computer programmer.

Anyway if your out looking for a job, do your research before you give your two weeks.

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