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Monday, July 09, 2012

Internet block out by malware.

A few days ago the FBI  had warned infected computers would be blocked from accessing the internet.

A virus or malware installed on unsuspecting computers still could hold a threat on your personal information.

If you feel your computer may be at risk here is the yahoo article I found today which has a few links on where to get help.

Yahoo article on malware

Just a note on the yahoo article it points you to a website which is a .org but it seems the site has been disable or something.

Good news is that there are a few links that do work which will determine if your DNS record has been changed by malware.

Norton crimeware eraser tool

FBI website - what to look for if you feel your computer is infected.

According to what I have been reading online it seems that this is a really nasty one to get ride of on your computer.

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