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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Holiday Scams

As you know most of my articles have been centered around scams that happen online but as you know holiday shopping for this coming Sunday is getting close.

So here are a few tips as you would be shoppers handle the jungle of finding a parking but also dealing with rude people as you try to find that gift as if you were Indiana Jones looking for that lost relic.

1) If your car does not have tint now is the time to get it. As you know would be thieves will be looking at different cars to see what they can take. Especially car radios.

2) Don't leave your iPhone or cell phone for the matter charging while you are at an Italian restaurant. A few days ago a friend of mine who works at a restaurant told me that one of their customers had their window broken so that they could get to the phone.

More tips on the next blog post remember to revisit the Scam and Spam blog for update.

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