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Monday, February 18, 2008

Phishing accounts

Gone Phishing

If you’re a frequent user of myspace then I’m sure you have had a friend who has had their account phished. At least I know of 2 people who fell victim to phishing exploits.

Phishing is a way a hacker uses a link or a clickable graphic to take you to a site that looks similar to myspace. You can normally tell your not on the myspace page when you see the html address on the bottom that does not look like whatever ect.

What the fake site does is collect your user name and password so that later they are able to access your account and change or put information on peoples comment pages. Some techies call this social engineering. Which is a way of having who you think is your friend click on that same page to access their account.

To combat this upgrade to the newest internet explorer or just use firefox all together. That’s my preference.

Most phishing site links will ask you to click on a free ringtone which is the common one.

If for some reason you feel that you went to a site that may be a phished link. No worry. X out your browser, go to the url your going to and change your password out.

By the way if you feel your friend's account has been phished make sure you email them or call them to let them know to change their password.

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